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Monika McKenzie, Author

Monika McKenzie is a mom, yoga instructor, part-time interior designer, and the author of Riv and the Avocondo. Born and raised in progressive Oakland, CA, Monika has always had a passion for social justice and equality. While working as a career nanny in Los Angeles, a child she was looking after had an adorable mix-up with the word "tomato." The mix-up got Monika's wheels turning about a book series centered around fruits and vegetables. Riv and the Avocondo emerged as the first book of the series, with Riv being a nonbinary character of color. Monika's intention for the series is that Riv will encourage children of marginalized communities to take up space, to travel, to feel entitled to light-heartedness and joy, and to be grounded in who they are simply through representation. 

Monika currently resides on the Big Island of Hawaii with her husband, toddler, dog, cat and bunny. She is a big fan of yoga, meditation, good music, and the ocean.

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